About Sharpshooters

About the Sharpshooters

We are team located in West Germany in the State of North Rhine-Westphalia where we mostly operate.

We have experience in events such as weddings, stage acts and even public parties. As an advantage in relation to “small photographer companies” we are a multidisciplinary team who have great experience in capturing images and also motion pictures in Ultra High Definition  4K (UHD) quality. With more than one operatores we are able to capture your best moments of your event from different angles.

We also offer product photography and extraordinary portraits as services which we care for with much love for the detail.

Let yourself be convinced by visiting our portfolio.

Beyond our business we have build a community which enables us to obtain a full film production crew with actors and even provide you with the right equipment for a huge event up to a scale of a stadium concert.

As the founder of Sharpshooters, digital media itself is important for me and my team, so we strive to give you personalised solutions for your  needs.

Contact us and we can present our past work and ideas for your desires.

Sven Adrian

Founder of Sharpshooters

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